Riocentro is the most complete convention center in Latin America. The venue counts on versatile and suitable facilities to host every kind of Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

Installed in pavilion 01, Riocentro Studio and Riocentro Offices evidence the venue versatility. Riocentro Studio hosts a multifunctional space for audiovisual recordings, and it was designed within the highest acoustic standards required by the market. There are 1,360 m² with a 7.85-meter ceiling height and limited cargo. On the other hand, Riocentro offices is a model of multifunctional space addressed to several occupations such as offices and classrooms. In 2015, the venue received CBV (Brazilian Volleyball Confederation); in 2016, Colégio QI school inaugurated its unit in Riocentro, which occupies the part of the venue that housed FIFA during the 2014 World Cup. And in the second half of 2016, Smart Fit fitness center will be inaugurated within the space.

Pavilion 02, with an 11,464m² area, has 02 storage rooms, 02 air-conditioned mezzanines, private toilets and a pantry, as well as a snack bar/restaurant; the pavilion 3, with a 22,702m² area, has 02 storage rooms, 04 air-conditioned mezzanines, a 1,053m² auditorium and a 222m² lounge, and pavilion 4, with a 22,988m² area, has 01 storage room, 04 air-conditioned mezzanines, a private toilet and a pantry, a auditorium for up to 400 people and a snack bar structure. All of them have air conditioning system, medical station, internet access and telephony, electrical power, water and sewage distributed by underground channels, toilets and a load and unload area (with capacity for up to 17 trucks).

As to CINCO - Integrated Convention Center, it was inaugurated this year to complete the complex infrastructure. Composed by the convention center, Hotel Grand Mercure and Amphitheater that will be inaugurated in September, CINCO comes from an innovative GL events' project that aims to provide high-quality hospitality, comfort and modernity to its clients and visitors.


Barra da Tijuca is among the neighborhoods that most receives investments in tourism. The number of hotels keeps growing and the neighborhood already has around 12,800 hotel rooms. Out of these, 2,000 rooms are located in Rio Arena area.

The large investment and the launch of high standard 4 and 5 star hotels , is proof that the revitalization of the neighborhood increasingly stimulates leisure and business tourism. In Riocentro premises, the exhibitor and visitors count on the convenience of Grand Mercure Riocentro, the newest five-star hotel in Barra da Tijuca.




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